4.3 out of 5 (based on 68 ratings)

Game Review

Grindcraft is really fun and pixalated game. If you like Minecraft you will like this ALOT. Like most other idle clickers, Grindcraft starts you off with nothing. You need to start harvesting resources by clicking on a box in the grind portion of the screen. Something that is very different from other idle clickers is that you have to play for some time before any resource gathering is automated.

Tips and Tricks to Play Grindcraft

Open the lock's objects, wood, coobblestone, iron...

Explore as many places as you can, in order to get resources

Controls of the Game

Mouse and only your mouse, its a clicker heavy game. Don't kill your mouse from too many clicking, have fun.

Grindcraft - Enjoy grindcraft at the Comfort of your Home !

Grindcraft uses all of the same concepts from popular game Minecraft. So if you like Minecraft you will like this game alot. Difference is that everything is two dimensional and done single static screen. Graphics are standard like in Minecraft, so blocky and pixelated just like in legendery game Minecraft. So you will have alot of fun.