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Mine Blocks 2

Game Review for Mine Blocks 2

Mine Blocks 2 is rally fun game. But ask yourself this; jave you ever nurtured any desire about dream-like world? Do you want to create it by yourself? Let your creative talent shine via playing Mine Blocks 2 at this time! Are you ready to show up all you want in the Minecraft world? No time to wait! Here we are! Wow! Mine Blocks 2 offers lots of interesting things that are entirely suitable for players desire. A 2D land full of various blocks like wood, rock. grass, trees.

Tips and Tricks to Play Mine Blocks 2

Commands, or Cheats, is a way in Mine Blocks to obtain resources or change variables. The custom way to activate them (if cheats are on) is to press the " / " button.

/heal - Restore health to full.

/gamemode < 1|creative > = Switch from Survival to Creative.

/gamemode < 0|survival > = Switch from Creative to Survival.

/gamerule < keepinventory|dodaylightcycle|dofiretick > < true|false > Toggle dropping all items upon dieing, or toggle if the day/night cycle runs, or the spread of fire and the burning of fire.

/xp add (amount) Gives you the amount of exp.

/xp (amount) Sets your xp bar to the amount specified.

Controls of the Game

Controls: WASD = Move

Mouse (Click and hold) = Mining a block

CTRL = Inventory

Mine Blocks 2 - Enjoy 2d world at the Comfort of your Home !

Mine Blocks 2 is 2D simulator game is building blocks. Really similiar t Minecraft overall. You need to gather resources in order to get items in this game. You need to mine a couple of blocks as well as clear away some unnecessary things to have a spacious area for building. It sounds awesome and great, right? Take a chance and have fun!